Passive farm

Break the chains

Yield farming with continual growth, paid out in raw XRP all while supporting the Xoge Ecosystem.


Steady growth

PawSive is designed to grow once started no matter what happens to the token value through trades, it will continue to become more valued as the yield farm grows.


What we aim to do

Sell tokens, diversify and place assets in yield farms for APY/ARP gains and return the proceeds to the end users, growth of the yield farm and other returns of value. See the whitepaper!


Yield farming the easy way

Kick back and relax, hold some Paw and get mothly airdrops of XRP that will grow larger and larger over time.


Xoge Resources

PawS can be found on the dex as well as Sologenic. If you would like to take a look at trading in PawS, you will need to set a TRUSTLINE and that link is at the top of the page. After that you can trade via: Xumm app dex, Sologenic, Swft, Xrpltoolkit, or an exchange you find us listed on!


PawS Whitepaper

Breakdown of PawSive can be found in the whitepaper here!

Mission Statement:
We aim to win hearts and minds with the lovable MEME Xoge, while delivering excellent technology and partners to end users. You can use Xoge through Chimoney for hundreds of companies, or tip someone directly over twitter with it. We are always working to bring utility and service to our fun. Xoge is a community driven project and we put the users at the forefront of our daily operations. Now enjoy the moon mission we are launching!

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