First you must have the asset added and a wallet to hold it. You may use the browser addon Metamask or XDCPay or Dcent wallet.

Xoge / Decimal 18

Xoge ChartingXoge Charting

Adding Xoge/XDC to Metamask is as simple as swapping the addresses from the prefix XDC to 0x, see images below.

Before you can add the token, you must add the network. Please see the following link for the adding of Xinfin details. <Link>

Now if that is too confusing here are some images of how the data should be filled in!

So why do this over XDC pay? This option allows your XDC Xoges to be with your eth/ava /fnt/matic/bnb Xoges in the same wallet. This also connects better with the swap site.

0x7850ad953acb10a3e4bc9ec0a04cdbead2bcb26c For Metamask

OR - For Xdc/Dcent